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Finao albums are albums with attitude! The collections of materials and colors from which to choose from are so numerous which allows you to personalize your album to suit your style! The album comes beautifully wrapped in a handmade paper made from recycled pineapple leaves and is bundled with ribbon made from recycled mulberry leaves and trim made from skeleton leaves (a leaf from which the pulpy part has been removed by chemical means leaving only the fibrous part). Finao takes great pride in itself for being good citizens and one of the greenest album companies around.

My first ONE album was a 12 x 12 and was made to commemorate a very special young man’s bar mitzvah and was covered in a Wedgewood blue leather from the Basics Collection. Thank you Chung at Modern Album Design for the awesome design! I just finished a Gallery album showcasing darling maternity and newborn images of Meghan Walls (one of the sweetest and best wedding planners I’ve ever worked with), her husband Mike and their son Jude. The album was covered in Lime buckram from the Buckram Collection! Buckram is widely used material in the bookbinding industry and has a linen-like appearance and is very durable. So pretty!

On a side note, I was curious to know what the word Finao meant, so I did some research and found out that it is an acronym for Failure Is Not An Option. I wasn’t sure if this applied to Finao and I decided to ask  Christine Perry-burke, one of the founders and leaders of the company, and yes indeed it does! Christine said that the quote comes from the movie Apollo 13 and that it’s one of her husband’s (an aerospace engineer) favorite movies and favorite sayings. They were trying to find our own word and well, there it was!

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