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Oh, how lucky I am for all the loves in my life…my husband (a.k.a. Superman) and boys, my mom, brother, sister, nieces and nephews, cousins, aunts and uncles and friends. I’m so grateful because without their love I wouldn’t be who I am today. Being a photographer has allowed me to meet some of the sweetest people in the world who are celebrating their love and joy for each other! I’m always so honored to be part of such intimate moments because I know the images I create will be treasured forever. I am truly blessed and lucky! I hope you have a wonderful day with all your loved ones!

As I was digging out the Valentine’s Day decorations I found a Valentine from my mom and dad…I so cherish this card. Don’t you just love it? Charlie Chaplin was one of my favorite actors! I even dressed as him on Halloween as a kid! LOL!

Aren’t these the most darling Valentines for my boys from my mom? She’s so groovy! I must say, I miss making Valentine’s with my boys…

I received a beautiful Valentine’s Day bouquet of roses, tulips, hydrangeas and bupleurum from Superman! So pretty! He’s such a love! I can’t believe we’ll be married for 27 years this September! I’m sure there is a little box of chocolates for me too! I love the garden feel of my bouquet which was was made by Donna Bain at Bain’s Better Day Market, my local market, just down the street from my home. You must stop by if you’re looking for flowers, gifts and yummy treats like heart-shaped sugar cookies and delicious sandwiches. My fave is #3-Herbed Goat Cheese, Olive Tapenade & Arugula…delish!

As I was typing away Superman delivered the chocolates…the Godiva chocolates…they’re such a sweet indulgence! I’ve always loved their packaging! My favorite is the romantic heart box from a couple of years ago that is covered in soft ultra suede and adorned with cascading roses stitched from sheer ribbon. So delicate!

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Rumson Wedding Photographer
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