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I’m so pleased to have become an affiliate for betsywhite stationery boutique! When I initially came upon the boutique I honestly thought that there was a woman by the name of Betsy White, but in fact betsywhite is a word that sprung from old Barbadian dialect and refers to the song of the local black bird, which sounds a lot like betsywhite. The song of the blackbird and fantastic design makes Barbadian native Gia Graham, the creative artist and founder of betsywhite stationery boutique, very happy along with being able to provide beautiful stationery at at a reasonable cost. I’d love to hear the song of the little black bird one day!

betsywhite offers an extensive collection of stylish yet affordable wedding stationery that is printed using thermography, high quality card stock, with a choice of several ink colors and font options which makes it simple for a bride to create a beautiful wedding stationery ensemble. Brides can even preview their creation using the “Color Preview” and “Font Preview” tools after clicking on the “Add to Cart and Personalize” button. Such a wonderful tool!

What I absolutely adore the most are the wedding logos!  For lots of inspiration read Gia’s Blog Flights of Fancy! So pretty with so many lovely ideas!

Photo sources: Southern Weddings

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