Out of Office

I will be on summer vacation beginning tomorrow morning and will be back Tuesday, September 2.  I’ll respond to any emails then. Senior portraits are being scheduled for the week of September 8th. And, I will also have limited availability for portrait sessions for the annual Rumson Education Foundation ad journal during September and early October.  

If you’re in Sea Bright be sure to check out this beautiful retro-style postcard mural painted by the very talented artist Jim Kovic on the corner of Ocean Avenue and Peninsula Avenue. I just love all the details! My favorites have to be the portrayal of my childhood beach club Peninsula House in the first couple of letters and the sailor and the mermaid in the sailboat.


Louise Conover happily captures classic, fun, and romantic moments to be cherished and loved for years to come! ♥️


Rumson Wedding Photographer
Rumson Wedding Photographer
Rumson Wedding Phoitographer