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I know I’m a little late, but Happy New Year! 2009 was a wonderful year and I’m so grateful to have captured so many of your special moments. I wish you a 2010 filled with love and joy! I’m SO excited for this new year! Personally, my family will be celebrating two college graduations and one high school graduation! WOOHOO! It’s going to be such a very busy spring! Professionally, I plan on offering a unique wedding service that will appeal to many couples, and I’ll also have some beautiful new products to showcase, so make sure to check back in the next few days for the announcements!

As I was tucking my Christmas ornaments into their box I was reminded of how much I love to to find ornaments for everyone! Sickles Market has the best selection! I’m always there for hours choosing because Mike has such a great variety ranging from beautiful classic glass ornaments Merck Family’s Old World Christmas Glass Ornaments (pictured below Grizzly Bear, Bull Pup, I Love You heart, Panda) to delightful and amusing December Diamonds which is owned by Scott Nielsen who happens to be an avid diver and photographer. Check out his site Great Bizarre Reef. My older two sons thought I was absolutley crazy last Christmas when they went into their stockings and found Blaze and Mr. Martini. I couldn’t resist! LOL!

Every year my Mom buys all of her grandchildren an ornament and this year for my boys she found very sweet silver heart locket ornaments (next to Panda). So pretty! My favorite ornament of the season has to be the 2009 Festive Hearts by Swarovski which I gave to my my husband and my Mom. I love the magical light effects that are created when its placed in direct sunlight.

Remember to check back for the announcements!





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