Mr. C, also known as, Frank, Dad and Papa, celebrated his 80th birthday surrounded by his beautiful wife of 53 years, his eight children and their spouses, and his 33 grandchildren! The incredibly delicious brunch was held at David Burke’s Fromagerie in Rumson and was lovingly organized and hosted by his oldest son Frank and his wife Laurie.

I ran over to the restaurant before everyone arrived to grab a few detail shots of the flowers, provided by Alan’s Rumson Florist, personalized menus,  and the paper and ribbon napkin rings made by his daughter-in-law Laurie. Everything was so pretty! By the time brunch was over the temperature outside reached 97°, so I had to move very quickly to make sure no one melted in the extreme heat and humidity. Luckily there was a little cloud cover and breeze! It was a very special day and I was so happy to meet such a gentle man and capture such wonderful images of his family.

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Rumson Wedding Photographer
Rumson Wedding Photographer
Rumson Wedding Phoitographer