Kelli & ScottGavin and I just got back from our honeymoon and wanted to thank you so much for being a part of our wedding and from what we have seen so far, and what I am sure will be the entire lot, taking the most beautiful pictures!
Kelli & ScottWow!! The pictures are truly amazing! Thank you for capturing all of the love and excitement throughout the entire day.
We're so happy we decided to do a first look and beach pictures in between the ceremony and the reception, they are our favorite pictures!!!
Kelli & ScottLouise- we LOVE these!

Honestly I do not feel at all upset about the fact that we did not get beach photos because these are just so great.

We are so happy that you are our photographer!!!
Brittany & ClarkLouise!!

These are STUNNING!!!

Kelli & ScottAHHH SO AMAZING!!!!
Thank you so much Louise!!! I am SO happy to see them they are all beautiful!!!
Kelli & ScottLOUISE!!!
Oh my gosh, I LOVE them!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! These are amazing!!!!

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Rumson Wedding Photographer
Rumson Wedding Photographer
Rumson Wedding Phoitographer