Sticky Albums | Custom Photo Album App

I’m absolutely delighted to introduce a new product just in time for the holidays! Through the genius of Nate Grahek at Sticky Albums I can create a custom photo album app for clients’ iPhones and iPads. The custom mobile album will feature clients favorite images and is designed so that they can share with family and friends in person or by sharing the app! It’s the perfect answer for clients who would like digital files to share on Facebook and other social media platforms. For wedding clients, once their galleries are posted clients they can share their favorite images with me and I’ll create their custom album! Portrait clients will be gifted a digital album after their order has been placed in the studio.

I also love that I can create mobile portfolios for commercial clients and wedding vendors. The possibilities are just endless! You can check out a samples of a Sticky Album here McKenna & Ben,  portrait album and commercial client Kristina Bade Studio.


StickyAlbumsWeddingSample2StickyAlbumPortraitSampleBadecover copy

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Rumson Wedding Photographer
Rumson Wedding Photographer
Rumson Wedding Phoitographer